Number of IMGs matching increased this year!

Hello everyone,this is an excerpt of an email sent by ECFMG (ECFMG Reporter).This is specially for all those IMGs who want to know their chances of matching into a Residency program....


For the seventh consecutive year, the number of first-year (PGY-1)
residency positions offered through the Match increased. A total of
22,427 first-year positions were offered in the 2009 Match.
This represents an increase of 187 positions compared to last
year and an increase of 1,825 positions since 2002.

The number of IMGs, including Fifth Pathway participants, who matched to
first-year positions increased by 98 compared to 2008. Of the 10,980
IMGs who participated in the 2009 Match, 4,796 (43.7%) matched. In the
2008 Match, 4,698 (45.2%) IMGs were matched to first-year positions.

There was an increase in the number of matches for U.S. citizen IMGs,
IMGs who are citizens of other countries, and Fifth Pathway

Of the 7,484 IMG participants who were not U.S. citizens, 3,112 (41.6%)
obtained first-year positions. The number of non-U.S. citizen IMGs who
obtained positions in 2009 increased by 4 compared to last year.

Of the 3,390 U.S. citizen IMG participants, 1,619 (47.8%) were matched
to first-year positions, an increase of 78 over last year. This is the
sixth consecutive year that there has been an increase in the number of
U.S. citizen IMGs matching to first-year positions.

Of the 106 Fifth Pathway participants in the Match, 65 (61.3%) were
matched to first-year positions, an increase of 16 over last year. This
is the third consecutive year that there has been an increase in the
number of Fifth Pathway participants matching to first-year positions.

The 7,225 IMGs entering PGY-1 for the 2007-2008 academic year is an
increase of 306 over the prior year and an increase of 1,152 since the
2002-2003 academic year.


The preceding data are taken from the Advance Data Tables for the 2009
Main Residency Match compiled by the NRMP. These tables provide detailed
information on the positions offered and filled by the Match in 2009 and
prior years. To access these tables, or to obtain further information on
the NRMP, visit

The June issue of Academic Medicine, the journal of the Association of
American Medical Colleges, usually offers an analysis of Match results
from the preceding March. For more information, visit your medical
school's library or

The September issue of JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical
Association traditionally provides an in-depth analysis of graduate
medical education in the United States. This analysis includes the
number of IMGs entering and continuing in U.S. GME programs and a
breakdown of IMG resident physicians by specialty and subspecialty.
Visit your medical school's library or

Well its not a very large increase in number,but it hasn't decreased either!So,if you have people telling you its getting tougher every year and that the number of IMGs matching has decreased,that isn't true..
The numbers here speak for themselves.
Don't you think this is a reason to SMILE:):)

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Comment by Shreyas on May 24, 2009 at 4:36am
Statistical data always help making things clearer.. and there can be no better way to motivate ourselves.
yes, u r right Dr Chirurgien, numbers speak for themselves, a reason to smile as well as to pull up our socks and work towards the ultimate goal, as we can see it clearly, ITS ACHIEVABLE !
So guys, hope we can make that number increase for next match as well..
Good luck !

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